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Mosquito Control

Traditional Mosquito Control

Mr. Mosquito's most popular mosquito control service; Our traditional barrier spray will decrease your yards mosquito population by 90%. Our trained technicians will treat key areas of your yard eliminating adult  mosquitoes on contact and providing protection every 21 days.

All Natural Mosquito Control

Mr. Mosquito’s all Natural Mosquito spray is made up of liquid Garlic from very potent garlic cloves, eliminating adult mosquitoes on contact and working as a repellent for up to 14 days. Our licensed technicians will maintain this 14 cycle spray all summer long insuring your yard is under control.

The choice is yours, Traditional or All Natural. Mr.Mosquito will ensure your yard is pest free!

Special Event Spray

Save Your Outdoor Event From Unwanted Pests!

From outdoor weddings, backyard barbeques to corporate events don't let the buzzing and biting of mosquitoes ruin your special day. Our Traditional Mosquito Control will ensure a mosquito free environment for you and your guests. We will treat the before to ensure you are protected throughout your event, day and night.

Tick Treatment

Protect Your Family and Pets From Lyme Disease.

Our technicians utilize a combination of our traditional barrier spray and tick tubes. Our barrier spray will eliminate adult ticks on contact while the tick tubes will target ticks in their nymph stage. 

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